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MODULE 1 ~ Patient Success Secrets. Claim your vision, define your ideal clinic and learn tips & tricks to attract your target demographic and enjoy loyal patients for life.

MODULE 2 ~ The Joy Of Doctoring. Overcome fatigue with enthusiasm by turning work into play—and GET PAID for having fun with patients.

MODULE 3 ~ Mentorship & Networking. Pair up with an  ideal mentor & discover the benefits of asking for help. (Hint: mentoring is the best CME!)

MODULE 4 ~ Creative (& Cost-Saving) Business Strategies. Find unique office locations. Explore innovative staffing solutions. Make a Do-It-Yourself EMR. Get low-cost malpractice insurance & more.

MODULE 5 ~ Boost Your Self-Confidence Now! Expand your definition of what it means to be a doctor and break free from fear-driven medicine.

MODULE 6 ~ Build Your Community. Engage your town to help you design, create, and fund your clinic. Find out how! 

MODULE 7 ~ Financial Freedom For Physicians. Discover the top 12 medical business models and find the right one(s) for you. Decide whether to accept insurance. Do your own billing (it’s easy!). Streamline coding & claims. Get paid fast. Slash overhead so you can work less, earn more, and be debt-free. 

MODULE 8 ~ Media & Marketing. Never waste money on advertising. Be media savvy and publicize your unique message for free.

MODULE 9 ~ How To Love The Stuff You Hate. Learn how to do painless refills. Always get paid for paperwork. Stop no shows. Never follow stupid rules—by making your own!

MODULE 10 ~ Q & A Call. Get your last-minute questions answered so you can launch your dream! Listen to Dr. Wible's answer to the most frequently asked questions by docs who have taken the course. Plus! You get a personal strategy call!

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